Since 1994 lands adjacent to the Bann have been used on a regular basis for practice engine failures.

In 2006 USAL negotiated a long lease on 14 acres for use as an airfield.

Many hours had been spent monitoring the prevailing wind and deciding a layout for the runways.

Initially around 850 fencepost's and 6000 ft of sheep fencing wire together with 12000 ft of barbed wire was installed by hand to mark out the runways.

Two of the directors managed to get their hands on the controls of an AN2 that was displaying at Portrush airshow. Mark Holmes flew as co-pilot for the inbound route, whilst Johnston Dunseath had the controls for the return flight to Bellarena. Whilst at Causeway, some of the neighbours enjoyed getting on board the aircraft which is actually the largest single engined biplane in the world. The owners of the AN2 then enjoyed some flying in the Lake Amphibian with Mark demonstrating some water work first on Lough Neagh and in Donegal.

The members have a long history of participation and assisting in the Portrush airshow.

In 2008 after full planning permission was granted, and after assessment from DoE, some hardfill was placed on a boggy field to raise the level so allowing vehicular access and provide a suitable base for the construction of hangars.

A caravan was donated to the association and was placed on a temporary site to provide some shelter for the members. Many long hours were spent working in freezing conditions to construct the timber shuttering for the new hangars that were to be erected on site.

The hangar bases were then marked out using lasers at dusk! The hangars were designed as a re-enforced concrete raft on compacted hard fill with re-enforced stub walls for added strength. Today the airfield is suitable for most non commercial light aircraft.

Updated 13 February 2011. To date over 7000 hours of voluntary work has been put in by association members and volunteers to create Causeway Airfield.

This project has been part funded by the European Union through the Lower Bann Partnership Ltd.

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